Monday, June 13, 2005

Live: Ladytron and SnapAnt at the ICA

Went to see Ladytron at the ICA last week. It's been a while since anything was heard from them but they apparantly have a new album and record deal so it's off on tour. The sound is kind of like a fusion of Kraftwerk, The Human League and Moloko. On record it is very electropop with Kraftwerk-like repeated phrases instead of lyrics.

Like Moloko though everything is different on stage with a live rhythm section providing a groove and an intensity that is different to the studio sound. The whole experience was excellent with music for head and feet. See here for pictures from the band's forum.

I've never heard of SnapAnt before (SnapAnt is a guy by the way and accompanied on stage by four other musicians) but despite scepticism they won me over as they seemed to have a sense of humour about what they were doing and also did a nice line in four-piece harmonies.

This was my first gig at the ICA and I have to say it was a nice space with decent acoustics. Interestingly it was also sold out but still very spacious which suggests that they sell the tickets based on the number the venue should have rather than the fact that there is still space to ram people in. The ICA bar is also great with cheap drinks and excellent food. I'd definitely return.