Saturday, February 04, 2006

Arctic Monkeys - Bigger than the Beatles

So I've downloaded their new album from Bleep (Bleep has this new player technology that I'm giving a whirl in this post) and finally I hear what all the hype is about. At first I have to say that I'm not absolutely knocked out, although I admire the musicianship and poetry of the lyrics. Then today in HMV I'm listening to the Foo Fighters being pumped out on the store radio and I think: "My god they really are all that!". The Arctic Monkeys make music that isn't tired and isn't straight-forwardly derived from some other great band from twenty years ago.

That said the band seem to have the same problem I saw with Franz Ferdinand; since most of the songs are about chav-life through the prisim of a night on the town up north they are not going to have a lot to write about for their next album. But maybe that's not the point, maybe the point is that they've created an album of the moment and the place and it is a great album.