Monday, June 26, 2006

Burial - South London Boroughs/Burial

Urban music; in general something that I am happy to leave to the kids. Grime really left me cold so thank god that there is now something out of the London underground scene that I can take real pleasure in.

No less an authority than the Observer Music Magazine described Burial's music as being in the brand new genre 'Dubstep' and I have to say that having read it it is hard to disagree. There is the spacey echo-y Dub elements, the great big soundsystem bass and throughout all of the best tracks an urgent and insistent beat that never outstays its welcome and instead disappears too soon. My only concern is that this genre may consist of exactly one band albeit one that does a fantastic job of merging its component elements. If there's more I'm desperate to hear it but for now this is enough.

Burial is awesome, there is nothing else to say. Go to Bleep now, listen to South London Boroughs. It's dance music... but you can listen to it. It's dub but it's not stoned. It's club music but it is not boring. It sounds retro but it could only be happening right now. It's just amazing!