Sunday, August 14, 2005

iTunes favourites

iTunes with jHymn is useless to me but with it, it is becoming a favourite stop for musical "nibbles".

Recent tracks I just can't seem to stop listening to are:

  • Death Disco - PIL. Fantastic white dub with an intense bassline
  • Marian - Sisters of Mercy. I can't quite understand the appeal but I think it is basically that this track is a kind of archetypal Goth rock sound that completely sums and eptiomises the genre. It gloomy and great.
  • Feel Good Inc - Gorillaz. Like previous hit Clint Eastwood the Gorillaz may not have an album of hit but every now and then they have a killer pop tune that you just cannot help but like.
  • WFL (Think about the Future Mix), Hallelujah (Club Mix) - Happy Mondays. These two mixes are the indie rock-dancefloor crossover of the 90s distilled into quarter of an hour. Both are total distinctive sounds, whose riffs take seconds to recognise and a blind hippo could dance to them without fear.

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