Sunday, December 03, 2006


So I ordered my first FLAC album from Bleep this weekend. So it is a brand new of audiophillic glory?

Well it actually sounds pretty good and it is probably worth the extra two pounds but I still suspect that for all but the most distinguished ears there is a strict law of diminishing returns.


Iain said...

You can usually acheive transparency ( at 192kbs with MP3 and at 160kbs (Q5) with Ogg - unless you have ears like a bat.

Flac seems OTT to me.

Robert said...

Well I once met a musician who was very frustrated that he could not capture the richness of a studio mix on CD so there is a market for high fidelity (so to speak). I don't think it is a much a question of artifacts but that the codec is lossless. What I would be hoping to hear is a crisper sound with a greater "depth" as to what can be heard within the mix.

Bleep however make it clear that they think the main purpose is to provide the best quality original possible so that users can use it to convert to their preferred lossy format and parameters.

That is far and away the best deal available from any music service today.